Dream Plan, Game Plan.

I started this blog with a plan to do something with it. I have been blogging on and off for years but just as a personal journal. Always worried about not having something to say, or what if no one wants to hear it? But everything comes from something right?

So this time I have a game plan/ dream plan for my blog. Hopefully it will make it more user friendly as well as keep you coming back looking for more!

To start I decided I wanted to give myself purpose to blog as often as can, goal is to get to it every day. I have even started to schedule posts for days I know I will be away from the screen. That being said I am going to join in on two fairly common blog and social media days… #MotivationMondays and #FreebieFridays !!!

#Motivation Mondays ย – Pretty straight forward, I think. I will try to post motivational stories as well as photos and quotes. (Don’t worry this won’t be the only thing I post on mondays) and won’t start right away either. I want to make sure there is a good foundation behind it so its not just fluff pieces all the time.

#Freebie Fridays – Once I finish one of the courses I am currently taking I will start these up. There will be friend PDF Docs – Dominantly printables, with some how to guides, lists and a couple other cute things added in now and again. SO think party printables, school printables, motivational posted… Get it? Once a month there will be a special email list one Freebie as well! So the blog will get the normal freebie and the email list will get that one and another one straight to the inbox! Just a little something extra from me to you!

In the future, when I have more to share and say. I will look into starting a #Tips Tuesdays as well!

All this will be addition to the fun recipes, lists, diy guides, photos and reviews that the blog has normally. If there is anything you would love to see let me know!

Everyone needs a game plan/ dream plan of some sort, no matter what you are trying to do or where you are trying to do. Maybe one day this blog all support me and my family, so I can stay home and raise my babies and take care of the house. That is not for everyone, but everyone has some sort of dream.


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