Newlyweds… and Nearlydeads?

Weddings. Many girls dream of their wedding from a young age, some make vision boards and all they need is mister right, others think it will happen if it happens. Me, I knew it was going to happen, and I knew when I wanted it to happen. I didn’t have a vision board… though what girl doesn’t have a interested board, and I haven’t been dreaming of it since third grade. But it we a dream come true when it happened just this past july.

July 25th I married what I consider to be the perfect man. Some question how we fit together as we are so different. We think that makes us the same. This isn’t a post about how to a plan a wedding or what to expect, though I am sure I will write some of those, this is just a post that I wanted to share. Some of our beautiful wedding photos and tell you about our beautiful vendors.


Our day was perfect, it was over cast but perfectly warm, thank goodness since me and my dress didn’t agree with the heat the sun was giving off when it broke through the clouds for all of five minutes of photo taking. Yes we had some minor hiccups like: His ring not fitting because the swelling from the humidity, the insurance going missing, an unwelcome guest showing up and the fiasco with the bar… but they all make good stories.. except that bar, that one pisses me off.


Our venue was lovely. We picked it off the internet, not seeing it in person till two days before, and we were lucky… it was even better then the photos! Thank you Kildara Farms for the venue, and Fresh View Events for hosting us. Kildara is in North Sannich on Vancouver Island. Just breath taking!


Back in High school I had this crazy biology science teacher, he was the best, but he always said Victoria/Vancouver Island was for Newlyweds and Nearlydeads. Yes there are a lot of retired people out there or people running their own small businesses, but I would raise my future children there in a heartbeat. And there was no better place for our wedding. Plus our guests loved the retired layer back feel of Sidney (where the hotel was).


Also just a shout out to our awesome vendors! Sarah from Fresh View was beyond amazing, and such a help with us planning from a far. Courtney for Courtney Clarke Photography, there is no words for the beautiful photos she took (the ones above). Cassie from Cassie O’neil Cinematography. Danielle from Trend Decor! So many compliments on the decor. John from Moonlight catering, many people said it was the best wedding food they had ever had! Barbara Dinsmore, our Celebrant, she couldn’t have written a better custom ceremony if she tried. Oh there was just so many great people we were so lucky to find!

What a perfect day! What a perfect man.


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