My Favourite Direct Sales Companies


Almost everyone and their mom knows someone who runs their own home direct sales business. Think about you neighbour who sells Mary Kay, or your cousin who sells Park lane or maybe you sell Epicure… Well everyone knows someone, even if you don’t know it. Even more people have tried one. I know I have tried a few different ones some with a little success and some with none. I am by no means the lady who is at the top title position making 6 digits a year that flys around the country and does trainings (a girl can dream though right? My favourite part was always learning all the info and then training others.) But to each their own, I am a sales person by blood and passion but just not that kind of sales.


I find more often then not when someone comments on something it is something I have gotten from a direct sales company. Where is that necklace from? That is so cute! How did you make this? All are questions I have heard and had to answer. ‘Oh Stella & Dot, It is one of those Direct Selling Companies”. Sometimes I get a look so I go “Like Mary Kay”.. seems like everyone knows Mary Kay so it is a safe one to use. So I thought why not list some of the companies I get my items from that people are just always commenting on. This doesn’t mean I am telling you to, or that you should sign up, but I thought I would share all the same.

Here is that list.

  1. Arbonne. I don’t know if this would be my favourite but it is defiantly the one I use the most. Really I started using it because my friend was selling it and she needed someone to host a practice ladies night on. That night there was a really cool face serum there in a cute bottle and I just had to have it. Now I live by the stuff. If you know me you know I am ALL about the cute packing. Plus we gave her hell at the that ladies night (in a good way) so she deserved a little something. What I use from Arbonne? The Calm serum/lotion/and eye gel, the Sunless Tanner, the Hair Serum, the highlighter, Fit Chews, Make up Remover, and I am dying to try their Greens Balance (Since I never eat enough green vegetables). If you need a more natural anything Arbonne is your place. Now it is not 100% natural but it is way better then your local drug store. And dominantly the women are just beyond pleasant.
  2. Velata. This is a little less known of a company and is actually the sister company of scentsy but it is for CHOCOLATE. Yup they are the perfect size chocolate/cheese fondue pots that run on the same type of thing as the scentsy warmer. A light bulb and a fancy heating plate. I swear buy it. I have their Caramel Milk Chocolate at all my parties along with grapes, bananas and sponge cake! Every party people are just bagging for me, my last even we ran out of chocolate before stuff to dip in and well it was a mutiny! They also do cheese fondues (I hate warm cheese but I do it for the husband), as well as other kitchen tools and spice rubs… plus there new catalogue just came out and theres a ton it. Make sure to find a close rep tho. It is way cheaper to ship with a party and have them deliver to your door, if they are not willing to deliver find someone that will. (I have had this problem with another company, the rep told me FREE shipping if i shipped with the party and I did cause other wise it like $15 or something for a couple things about as thick as paper and one bottle of nail polish. Well she didnt tell me that she wasn’t willing to drop of cause I lived 20-30 minutes away and she still has my $17 nail polish and its been a year cause she won’t ship it to me as it costs her to much! anyways! story for another time) So again, find someone who will offer the deal but follow up! unless you love online shopping and don’t care about shipping fees.
  3. Epicure. Who does’t love love love food? We do in my house and Epicure provides simple spices to dress your meal up with. And I generally find their consultants to be super super friendly. Their Garlic & Herb Sea salt is well the perfect amount of garlic and salt already blended together for you. We don’t really have a rep we shop from, we use to go to markets and stock up when we needed but now that they changed their company rules I guess I have to get a rep. But again they are always pleasant, the product is always changing and they do have some great kitchen tools as well. Chicken steamer anyone?? Works like a charm.
  4. Steeped Tea. I am not a big tea drinker but they have great baking stuff along with some awesome hot chocolate toppers. Plus tea is so in right now it makes for the perfect gift, even better they normally carry pre made sets. I have a friend who sells this as well and she is super pleasant and not one of the pusher people so maybe that is why I like it. Not to much to say about this one since it is pretty straight forward.
  5. South Hill Designs. This is one I tried to sell for a while but had limited luck with since i never could get a hostess to not cancel her event. I tried I promise. I wanted to be working it full time after a year and a half and no such luck. Jewlery is a hard business, as it is growing so fast, but the pieces at South Hill are great! Totally customizable lockets, of great quality and the artists are mostly friendly. Recently they have also expanded away from just lockets and have earrings, bracelets and rings too. And conference was a blast in Scottsdale! Minus who thought Arizona in July would be a think Canadians could survive?

I use the above companies a little or a lot depending on the time of year and what I need. They have shown a pretty good track record for me and I do like being able to help the small businesses out. So if you ever need that something special that you don’t want to be able to just grab off a shelf in any large store then ask around and see who you knows that works one or who you know that knows someone. Plus there is a great thing call google for a reason.

What Direct Companies do you love to shop from?


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